Companies struggle in finding what marketing strategies are best for their business. We specialize in performance-based marketing by connecting you with your ideal customer in any economic climate

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Companies struggle on who to trust with their marketing budgets. Agencies use words like ROI and SEO, but only a few are truly invested in your net margins and consumer journeys. Connecting the Dots believes in strategic partnerships and provide high quality leads that are priced to hit your target CPA. This means we are only paid when we deliver on an ideal client and our contracts are designed where we are only profitable when you are. Reach out now and allow us to Connect the Dots for all your marketing needs.

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There are many marketing agencies, but we are invested in the results. We form strategic alliances by achieving your desired cost per aquisition.

Connecting The Dots

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Mortgage, Solar, Home Services - Windows/Security Roofing Home improvement
Insurance - Health/ Medicare

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Strategic Partnerships
Scaling Teams
Business Development

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Warm Transfers - International/Domestic
Quality Control Inbound Services
- PCI Compliance

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Certified PPE - Masks, Gowns, Gloves
Testing Kits
Buyer and Seller Networks

Strategy planning

Here at Connecting the Dots we pride ourselves in performance-based marketing and cater to our clients by delivering campaigns based on your individual needs.

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Performance Marketing

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Connecting the Dots specializes in performance-based marketing. We offer a high-quality real time lead in data post, pay per call, and warm transfers.

Data & Data Appends

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One of our core strengths is the ability to generate real time and aged opted-in data for nearly all industries. We pride ourselves in generating high quality leads by targeting your ideal audience. We add additional value by creating APIs for real time appends, as well as scrubbing against the national DNC and known litigators. Connecting the Dots can assist in all of your telemarketing, email, direct mail, and list management data services.

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Sometimes the best way to get your product out there is through collaboration. By partnering with a large network, we can connect you with the best partners to market your products or services.

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Cost per Call

Cost Per Call is great to target their ideal clients and only pay for calls only after they have had time to qualify them. We can target by all traffic types ranging from TV, radio, social media, native sites, warm transfers, IYPs, mobile search, etc.

Web Form Leads

CTD has a large network of publishers to assist in driving traffic to custom web pages when shoppers are ready to buy or learn more about specific services. If you are targeting seniors, home services, finance or insurance, we can truly assist in Connecting the Dots.


CTD specializes in data monetization and appends. We work with telemarketing companies, emailers, direct mail, and can extend list management services to help companies add revenue streams on their real time and aged data sects.

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We appreciate any questions you have regarding our services. Please email us at